50 Nights is a mixture of Survival-Shootemup-Towerdefence-Action yet is superintutive and easy to play. Our hero is abducted from his house and brought to an alternate universe where he must survive 50 nights of never ending waves of zombies, pumpkins, evil knights and a bunch of other baddies.....

Key Features:

  1. Amazing Graphics & Artwork
  2. Free to Play
  3. More than 50 Enemy Types- 3 distinct Episodes with more than 50 levels - 7 different unlockable guns
  4. 6 Types of Items
  5. Teleport Powerup to Move around quickly

Timber Dude is an old school arcade high-score shooting game and because chopping trees is so 1950's this man gets to use his shotgun to blow away the tree rather than chop it!

3 Environments, Leaderboards and an awesome soundtrack means you get to play this forever!

Shoot the wood and avoid the branches. Sounds easy but its not! Master your skills and see how many shots you can get in there. Challenge your friends!

Help Eggward on his Eggventure to rescue his mother and save Easter as we know it.

Eggventure is a fun arcade highscore / action platformer which you play as a fragile yet bold egg named Eggward. This is a unique experience which provides users an arcade gameplay with a strategic layer of Powerups (weather control, time control etc) users can use to counter enemies and survive waves upon waves of baddies.

The characters have been designed to be cute, funny and adventurous which can be customised, choose from more than 16 costumes some with special abilities.

More than 3 beautiful hand painted environments and dozens upon dozens of waves and baddies to survive!

Super Baby Copters !! The best gameplay and graphics out there in the Arcade / Copter / Flying genre.

Flying with a home made propeller / copter is super fun yet challenging enough to keep you busy for hours!

Key Features:

  1. Simple one touch controls.
  2. Play with one or two hands.
  3. Beautiful dynamic environments ( Complete Day / Night Transitions ) with HD Graphics
  4. Very Catchy Original Sound Track
  5. Super Cute Characters with Hd Graphics.
  6. Progressive game play where difficulty increases with score unlike other games which can be frustrating or skill less.
  7. Get your Chopper ready and be careful of those maces they swing with periodic speeds and the difficulty increases as you progress in the game.

Cut the Ads is a super addictive arcade game where our hero needs to cut all the advertisements trying to invade your phone! Each advertisement you miss will actually find their way on to your phone and will be displayed on your phone and at the end your phone will be full of annoying banner adds. Help yourself and cut through those annoying adds!

Key Features

  1. Simple swipe mechanics
  2. Super addictive gameplay
  3. Power-ups ( Slow-mo, Crush, Frenzy )
  4. High-score based gameplay
  5. Challenge your friends
  6. Amazing and cute graphics